We offer a few extra murals to help keep your little ones busy.

Some of our extra murals that we offer is:

Swimming - Collection to and from school

Soccer Stars - Great for hand and eye co-ordination. This activity can be done by both boys and girls.

Play Ball - To get all the basis of main stream sports.

Modelling - Boys and girls can participate in this. It is great for boosting self-confidence and self awareness.

Cricket - For those boys that love to bat, bowl and field.

Bee Sharp Beetles - Music for soul, using song instruments and stories.

At Little Heffalumps, we offer a wide variety of extra murals including Swimming, Soccer Stars, Modelling, Dance Mouse, Pottery, Music and Computers to name but a few.  All forms will be sent home on request. These activities are over and above the monthly school fee.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.